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Hi I am Emma Lewington and am 9 years old. As you might know I love puppy’s and kitten’s.

On this blog I will be posting essays my dad gives me and other cool stuff 😎. I would love to have a lot of comments. Don’t be shy to talk to me.

44 thoughts on “Home

      1. Well I just got an email saying you are now following my blog, ourlifein3d. No we have not actually met. I have 2 daughters ages 10 and 12 that like puppies too. We have a greyhound. But he is 8 years old.

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      1. Good question! I started the blog when our kids were born. I liked to write and I found it easier to send pictures and stories to friends and family on a blog then individually in emails. I also like Travel, and Personal Finance. My Gravitar is Flynn Rider from Disney’s Rapunzel movie

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  1. If you like to talk to people, then you should make a discussion post. I also like having comments on my posts! My favorite dog breeds are German Shepards, weenie dogs, and golden retrievers. I love white German shepards especially. I also want a pet ferret, but they are really expensive and my mom doesn’t want one because they have an oder. Of course, I really wouldn’t mind the oder. :3


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